Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Virus and Germ Warfare

Oye has it been a rough couple of days! I woke up yesterday feeling okay... after a VERY rough night's sleep... didn't get anything more than a solid hour til about 6 a.m. It was tough. 1/2 way through my morning chocolate milk I realized I couldn't, and didn't want to, finish the milk. I struggled through 1/2 a grilled cheese and it all went downhill after that. I was uber uncomfortable and achey, stiff, and nauseous! Mind you, I had NO morning sickness, WHATSOEVER. I don't know how I got so lucky but i'm convinced the preggo gods got payback yesterday. Before hubs left to work he put me to bed... I was so burpy (even though I hardly ate anything) and didn't want to lay down because it was harder to burp... And my belly is so heavy, it didn't fair well sitting on my upset stomach... Ever feel nauseous with a 30 lb squirmy fish sitting on your stomach? Yeah... not fun.

After a while I decided the bed wasn't doing it for me and migrated back to the livingroom. Took a tylenol and took a bath. Thankfully I can only fit from my waist-down in the water because I woke up in the bath tub! Looks like it was about a 15 min nap.... I was so confused upon waking up! Hah. Thank god hippos can't drown... After that I felt pretty good and sat up on the couch rather than my comfy recline... and didn't move for a good few hours. Felt pretty okay and then it came back in waves of nausea, and then okay... and then nausea... boy it was TOUGH. Mama was not happy... though Lil Miss Lillybear was having a party down there. I am convinced she was making it worse...

The only productive thing I did all day was find us a family doctor that will be Lilly's pediatrician when she comes... I moved the whole family there.

Our alarm went off at 9 am for the new doc appt. I planned cause I felt so crappy. Sat up, decided I felt okay and cancelled. Had a piece of toast and an applesauce and managed to fall back asleep til noon which was great. Woke up and had a banana... still feel okay. Just the normal super discomfort of the back and heavy belly. But I will take that ANY day over wanting to puke my brains out!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lilly's DIY Nursery Part Deux!

Slowly figuring out this Picasa storage thing... Bear with me!
Remember this unfinished sign? The wood was $2 at Home Depot...
Here is the finished product!

It is going to go above her closet I think...
My mom and I went shopping at Walmart for her closet organization... The Black cube shelf was $30, the purple hanging shelves were $6.80, the pink cubes were $2.97 and the hangers were $1 for a 10 pk. Score! Very happy with the end result! Her shoes are on the left, her clothes hanging above, and her pants/My Little Legs/Leggings on the right.... And in the cube shelf is (from top to bottom, left to right): Bibs, hair pieces, diaper covers. Socks, products, ?. Sleep sacks, sleeper gowns, blankets. ORGANIZATION IS KEY!

We had a BUSY weekend with hubs being off! We KILLED it couponing at CVS as I earlier explained... grabbed a few laundry baskets at Target, and here is the fabric we bought for Lillybear's cloth wipes! Sharks for bath time, cupcakes for dinner and burps, stars and skulls for diapering!
 Remember these tissue paper flowers?? WE FINISHED HER MOBILE/CRIB AREA!
Here it is <3 

We bought a cross-stitch wheel to hang the curtains on and then hung it from the ceiling with fishing wire and a plant hanger that was randomly in the ceiling in my bedroom... Then I hung the tissue paper flowers according to the length and sizes I wanted them to hang, drew them up through the middle of the canopy, and BOOM! I am so pleased with it - it came out EXACTLY how I pictured! <3 It!
There will be a tutorial on the ^ canopy later today or tomorrow for one of my mamas :o)

OH and here is the aformentioned Lilly I painted a while ago :o)
Daddy also finished Lillybear's desk/changing table... so i'll take a picture of that too!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long day!

I just want to post about my productive day!

Hubs was off today :o) Happy wifey <3

Started off couponing at CVS. KICKED ASS! I think we saved $58 and spent like... $18? With a $10 gift card for next time... so that was like $8? We got 3 huge packs of toilet paper, 2 toothpastes, 6 pack of soap, 2 bottles of hand soap, and a pack of water for $8. Holler. Remind me to tell you how to do it in another post!

Then we went to JoAnn fabrics and got a bunch of fabric for Lilly's cloth wipes! We got separate fabrics for each purpose... Sharks for bath time, cupcakes for dinner clean up and burp cloths, and skulls and stars for dipes! Daddy even picked out the skulls :o) Very excited! Pictures to come soon after I figure out the damn picture storage issue. And I got some mobile supplies!

Then we went to Target so we could get another laundry basket... I want to have separate baskes for whites and dark since I think it will streamline our laundry process.... atleast if the darks fill up we can just wash those more often and do 1 load instead of waiting for the whole basket to fill, end up doing 3 loads of darks and 1/2 a load of whites. Drives me nuts! Do you KNOW how long it takes me to fold 4 loads of laundry?! DAYS!

Then we head home and worked on Lilly's mobile/crib area... Took us a while for me to finish my "rough draft"... didn't work out so well but after hubs saw what I was thinking he came up with a great idea and we're gonna work on that tmrw I think....

Then we gave the dog AND cat a bath... haha that was fun - they needed it though! The cat did... well... i'm sure you can imagine giving a cat a bath. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to have them bathed once a year but it's been like... 2 1/2 since we have! I made an appt. for Petsmart for next week since he magically cured himself of his "sneezes" and we narrowly avoided a vet visit... but after discussing it - why pay them to do something we can? So hubs clipped his nails, we gave him a bath, and then cleaned his ears. Good as new! He's happy now lol but oh did he HOWL! It was funny. I have video.

Lucy did much better - better than usual even. Usually she isn't a fan of bath's but she tolerates them once every couple of months... she's been hinting for days that she needs a bath so I think that's what talked hubs into it... this girl NEVER goes into the bathroom... even when i'm in there... and twice this week she's actually come in and stuck her head in the tub lol. Even SHE knew she stunk!

After that we showered and then headed out with friends! Had a blast, a virgin margarita, some fajita and some laughs. Lilly got angry after a few hours I think cause she tricked my body into feeling like crap and I had hubs bring me home by 10... he headed back out and here I am! Very happy to be in my pjs, resting on the couch. On another note... remind me to never wear jeans again :o/

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lilly's DIY Nursery

I have always loved interior design... I have redone my living room since we have moved in (as you have seen here), and painted every room in my house before we even moved in. Upon finding out we were having baby, I begain Pinteresting ideas for the nursery right away. I was SO excited! After finding out Lillybear is a girl... and the color was decided on purple... This was my inspiration....
After some browsing at Home Depot... we chose Behr's Paint Plus Primer in Weeping Wisteria as the color for our walls...

Love! Here are our before pictures:
Our previous guest room!

Here is after we painted!

LOVE IT! I love that it looks warm and pinky in the sun and light and cool and blueish in the shade... it's perfect!
Next... we found a crib on craigslist! We got it for $140 on my birthday :o) The day we found out we were having a girl! We kept it in the hallway until my dad put in our carpet! Yay!

 I think Beans likes the carpet more than we do!

It's perfect :o)
Then started the DIY! I love one-of-a-kind items... so I decided to do the decor on my own...
I first fell upon the sign we received as a wedding gift from our bridal party <3 It happened to be a quote I wanted in her room anyways! I revamped it...


Perfect! Next I decided to paint a lily for Lilly's room... but apparently I ran out of picture room on picasa? So that will come soon...
This month I worked on some signs....
This was originally yellow!

Blank Slate... (finished pic to come soon!)

Arg... I need to buy more storage! I'll figure that out another day... there will be a part 2 to this post!
This weeks project are tissue paper flower balls for Lilly's mobile above her crib! They are based on the colors of her bedding...
That is all for now! :o)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Pottery Barn Fiasco...


So I always wanted a grey and yellow nursery. Since the beginning of time... I just love those colors! So pretty... well anyways. Back in the fall I asked hubs what he thought of it and he thought it was a little depressing... Glass half full only looking at the gray part? Who knows... we we looking online at Pottery Barn Kids at the bedding and he said he liked this one...

I'm pretty sure he just shut his eyes and picked one to shut me up and get back to the new episode of Pawn Stars... but whatev. I didn't like it. After a few days... for some reason... it just hit me. I loved it! It's all I thought about and became the basis for Lilly's room. Funny thing is... hubs is spot on most times. He picked our wedding song all on his own (U2 - All I Want is You) and also came up with Lilly's name on our honeymoon (that's a CUTE story! - stay tuned)... So I wasn't too surprised when he hit the nail on the head with this one... I don't know why but for some reason I am drawn to Purple for Lil Miss Lillybear... Lilly, Lilac, Lavender... maybe? I don't know. I never was a fan of purple to begin with but now I look for it everywhere I go... Anyways this bedding became the basis for our nursery - SO I WANTED IT NOW!!
Thanks to my awesome MIL... she gave us a gift card to Pottery Barn for xmas! YAY BEDDING! I ordered it the next day on Dec. 23rd... I was able to get her bedding bundle (yay!) which consisted of the crib skirt, fitted sheet, and toddler quilt as pictured above. I want the bumper as well (shush about the safety hazards - i'm not a moron), and the pillow sham but those weren't in the budget. I was able to get this adorable, SUPER soft fur stroller blanket that i've had an eye on as well..
The middle one!
Sigh...  I could rub it all day! I saved on the bundle and also on the blanket because it was on clearance. The kicker was... the bedding was on backorder til January 5th, would be at my house the 10th. Sigh... Oh well let's do this! I didn't have patience or time to drag hubs down to the mall 1/2 hr away to grab it myself so I ordered... all is well! I registered and set my event date to that day so I could use my 10% completion discount yay! Anyways...
My blanket arrived on the 28th... holy fast shipping! This is great! It came with a $10 PBK coopin that I could use on a purchase of $10 or more - score!! I also looked online and the blanket went down $10! What?! So I called PBK and they promptly sent me a $10 gift card for the price adjustment. Yay!
Time goes by... the 5th goes by... no shipment email? Hm... weird. The 10th comes so I call PBK and they tell me "sure it will be there today". Awesome! Wait around all day for UPS... i'm LEAVING to go to meet a friend somewhere and I see UPS at my neighbors so I wait for him... blows past my house. Hm?! Maybe I look sketchy pulling out of my driveway up to his truck then back in my driveway and he didn't wanna leave my package with a crazy preggo so he just went by? Who knows. I get back from and early dinner and call PBK... Yeah THE QUILT IS STILL ON BACKORDER! But the sheet and skirt are there... however since I ordered the damn thing in a bundle they have to send it together. Arg. I got off unsatisfied. Atleast I maintained my pleasant demeanor.
I called back like 10 min later, because, well... I always do better on every phone call if I call back a 2nd time. This time I talked to a girl named Desiree. She was wonderful. She has no idea why I was told it would be there today cause it was clearly on backorder... and has no idea why I was told only the quilt was on backorder cause the skirt was too! Ugh. She went above and beyond to see if I could pick them up at stores, to see if I could switch skirts which i'm gonna do anyways... nothing. It was that damn quilt that was backordered. It would be at the warehouse on the 17th, delivered by the 22nd. Sigh. She felt bad and was surprised at how patient and pleasant I was so after 70 min of phone call... I ended up with my shipping refunded for another $21 gift card. Oh well... I already got $41 dollars back so far so I took it and went...
I emailed PBK customer service, telling them how disappointed I was in their service, that I would NOT be ordering online again, but that Desiree was wonderful and I hope she got the acknowledgement she deserved.... it got me nowhere but I hope atleast Desiree got some recognition.
17th rolls around - no shipping notification. I was done being Mrs. Nice Preggo! I called PBK and, always polite, told me that it wasn't going to be in the warehouse til Wednesday (today). Sigh. That lady did NOT get the nice preggo lady of the past. I wasn't horrible, but I didn't go out of my way to hide my frustration either. Oh well... Bedding will be here the 28th.
Thing is... that original PBK coopin I got... expires the 31st... so I had from the 28th to the 31st to get the bedding and get down to PBK kids to exchange the skirt and spend my extra gift cards. It was stressful! Thankfully my dear friend Hayley convinced me to meet her in the aformentioned post... and I got my beautiful sham to match Lilly's bedding (FOR FREE!) and cheesecake and all that goodness... which hubs and I ate in bed last night mmm...
So today is Wednesday... my bedding warehouse arrival date. Just called PBK and IT HAS ARRIVED IN THE WAREHOUSE!! Yesterday!! It will ship out by Friday and I am in the "chosen number" (lol) that will have my bedding be shipped out this time. Thank. The. Lord. And thank the lord for Auntie Hayley who made me go down cause I never woulda made it in time before my stupid coopin expired! Aye...
Now, after we get the bedding, I will exchange my crib skirt for this one...
I find it more versatile with other bedding for subsequent children... and I also find the Brooklyn crib skirt to be obnoxious... Besides... I want to make these curtains!

I bought $12 Walmart white panels for her room since we were having friends over and I didn't want blank windows... so i've decided to just upcycle those instead of returning them and buying or registering for 4 x $89 panels? I DON'T THINK SO SISTA!
I also have one more sign to make... i'm having trouble deciding between a sign or a copy PBK message board thing... And I need to upcycle my lampshades. Lilly's DIY Nursery projects will be another post entirely.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello Stranger!

I know, I know... it's been a while. A LONG while! Don't hate.


HELLO 3RD TRIMESTER! Holla! 29w3d today. Starting to feel slightly uncomfortable but it comes and goes... We are having a girl! I found out on my birthday. Her name is Lilly Michelle <3 And I love her to pieces. She has such a personality already it's funny. She went from kicks and jabs to rolls and movements... After a 9hr strike that landed us in L&D! I think she was taking a long nap due to a growth spurt... and after she was too big to wind up for a good punch! Still plenty of movement since then. I will post our first L&D story later. Now she stretches and pokes out of my belly in these hard lumps... causing me to sing "My lumps, my lumps, my lovely baby lumps - check it out!".

Yesterday was a tough day mood-wise. I was in such a bad mood! Looking to Auntie Hayley for help - she convinced me to meet her at the mall that is about 1/2 hr from my house. This is huge for me because 1. I went out by myself! 2. I DROVE AT NIGHT (which I avoid at all costs now), 3. It was spontaneous plans! Big steps for this mama! Anyways we had a blast. I was able to use my gift cards and coupons to get Lillybear's first piece of bedding (since the rest of it is STILL BACKORDERED ARG!). Here it is!

We chose the Brooklyn bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. LOVE IT! More Nursery pics to come....

Anyway! We had fun walking around and we got treats! Auntie Hayley got a cupcake (duh) and I got cheesecake! One to eat and one to take home :o)

Lemon Raspberry and Chocolate Rasberry Truffle! Mmm. I still have some of both left :o)

Then I came home and relaxed for the night. Hubs went out for his usual Monday night and I watched Easy A in bed. Such a good movie! Passed out, hubs came home, and we went to sleep. All is well :o)

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