Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi to the Netherlands!!! Yes, someone from the Netherlands has read my blog!! So cool. So, hey!! That's all for today. Real post tomorrow.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I've started to notice a little decent amount of pudge on my belly. I noticed it when we had that wonderful 80* weather and I tried on about 100 summer tops trying to find one that didn't make me look like I just had a kid. Gross. So while I was complaining that I had nothing to wear my husband (lovingly) pointed out "haven't you kind of stopped going to the gym?" probably meaning... you can't really complain if you aren't doing anything about it. So I went back today. And I do mean back. I worked out for years and years. I was always a solid 120 lbs. At 5'1 this is a good size for me... then I went on a medication that took me up to a soaring 149... WHILE WORKING OUT. Yes... while exercising the entire almost the whole time. It's awful to be out-of-control of your body. I finally got so fed-up I took some early wedding gift cash and hired a personal trainer at the gym for 3 months. I lost 6 lbs. in 3 weeks before the wedding. That was being so super strict I even took my own food to a deli restaurant once. The waitress didn't mind.... she laughed and said "you won't find anything healthy here". I did eat their awesome pickles though! Only 5 calories holler! I then took a month off for wedding prep/wedding/honemoon. I gained one lb. through that time (probably actually lost some muscle and gained some fat that went unshown). After I returned I had the rest of my 9 personal training weeks spread out over the next three months (took longer due to cancelled sessions). Overall I lost 21 lbs. and ended up being 1.4 lbs from my goal weight we created on my first PT meeting. GO ME!

Now let me tell you I hate despise loathe exercise. Words cannot even capture my dread for the activity, any exercise activity. Running (ESPECIALLY running), calisthenics, weight lifting, anything. Any type. Mostly because it takes up precious time I could spend relaxing, or with Hubs, or pup & kitty. Relaxing, on my couch, is my #1 top priority behind spending time with my Hubs & furbabies, and I usually like to do it together. So when something (exercise) (cleaning) (cooking) interferes with that, I usually am not a happy camper. Now dieting, I don't mind. While I was exercising I was on a 1200 calorie diet... now if I could just get by on just dieting alone i'd be all set.. but i'd probably have to eat so low calories i'd end up in the starvation mode... and then no pudge would be lost. But unfortunately, exercise must be endured.

Today, I went and was only up 1 lb, weighing in at 129.4. I, again, probably lost a couple lbs. of  muscle and gained a couple lbs. of fat but hey that's pretty good! Today I did 30 min on the crosstrainerellipticalcardiomachinething. Which is the cardio I used to do while I was losing weight. My usual Monday exercise schedule. Tomorrow, I was going to do my weights, which is my normal tuesday exercise schedule... but then I would be going from work, to gym, to dentist, to home, to shower, to dinner. Then Hubs' friends would be here and he'd be going out for the night leaving no fun/together time for us. Considering we only get 2 days a week to actually physically see eachother,  nevermind spend time with eachother, I am going to skip the gym tomorrow and spend time with him after school before the dentist. This leads to the guilt. The reason I hate getting on an exercise plan. When I don't work out I feel guilty, and wrong, and have a hard time enjoying myself when I know I am "supposed to be" working out. But time with Hubs > exercising in importance. I just have to keep telling myself that.