Friday, August 31, 2012

The Furbabies.

I have two furbabies. Beans, the kitty, and Lucy, the pup. When we moved into our first apartment in 2009 we couldn't have a dog because the landlord didn't allow them... so we decided to get the closest thing we could, a Bengal cat. Full name Beans Peanut Walker... because he was so tiny... as you can see below. Not many people know about the breed Bengal, they're fantastic. They're bred from the wild Asian Leopard Cat. They have personalities like dogs. You can read about them here. They're fantastic. I know, I know, we should have saved a cat and adopted one from a shelter but we lived in a small apartment and the hubs (then bf) and I did not want to deal with the cat hair we dealt with at my parents house. They have two cats of whom I adopted from shelters (so I did my part of saving animals so far!). So we found a breeder that would give us a kitty at half price because he matched the low price of another breeder... and his kitties were ready sooner and then we got...

Little Baby Beans with the Hubs

He was so itty bitty!

He still has that toy!!
This week Beans just had his 3 year check-up. This is Beans now:
Can you see his spots??

He likes to plop himself down on my books while i'm reading.

Bengals love small places. And we love beer!

Now Beans is kind of an a-hole. He'll steal elastics and things and hide them on you or give them to the dog so she'll get caught with them and get in trouble. Once he knocked a pen onto the floor, knowing Lucy would eat it and then we had exploded ink all over the floor and couches that the hubs had to spend hours upon hours cleaning. Beans will fart and crop-dust you as he runs by. And you can bet on the fact that if he was just in the litter box, he'll climb on one of us within 3 minutes. He's a little shit and me and the Hubs agree we should have named him devious like Rickie instead of something cute and sweet like Beans. He does have another side to him though. He'll throw himself against you and follow you from room to room jumping on things that are closest to you just so you will pet him (even when his food bowl is full!) His favorite spot is Eric's crotch and he will lay there for hours. He will lay on my legs until I move. He also loves warm spots... if I get up he'll lay down right where I got up and act as a seat warmer until I get back and kick him out of my spot. And he just farted next to my face. His time to shine is officially over.

Then there's Lucy. Oh, Lucygirl. Full name Lucy Diamond Walker. We loved the name Lucy and we had a thing for the Beatles at the time and she had a diamond on her tail so we named her after "Lucy in the sky with diamonds..." We adopted her from a shelter in NH but she actually came from the mid-US. She was found on the side of the highway with her brother running around and someone scooped them up and saved them. She's the sweetest thing in the world. Would never hurt a fly and I love her more than the world can contain. She will sit there and let you pet her even if she wants to be chasing the cat, she's just so polite... and when you stop petting she'll lick you and then take off like the wind. She'll walk by me while i'm on the couch and lick my toe once and keep walking. Like a drive-by licking. She loves to wrestle with the Hubs and the Hubs used to be her favorite but I think i've finally trumped him for that. Hubs is her Master but I am her Mommy and she loves me. Sometimes I think she thinks i'm her baby though because wherever I go she follows me. She could be dead asleep and i'll go to the bathroom and she'll get up and go peek in the bathroom while i'm peeing... just to make sure that's where I am like "alright, you're safe... i'll go lay back down now". She loves My life has been blessed with her and I love her more than life itself. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Lucygirl.
This is Lucygirl the first day we brought her home!

She looks so silly with her ears flipped.

Her first picture where she started looking less like a pup and more like a dog.

Lucygirl on the bed that I made her.

Lucy and her brother Bailey that we kept in touch with.

Getting ready for a winter walk!

She ALWAYS falls asleep with toys in her mouth...

Lucy, now. 2 years old.

She dresses for the season.

Now the blog is being silly so I guess I have to write from the middle... So even though I have a cat and a dog... they do actually get along.. sometimes. They love to play together. They wrestle just like any brother and sister would do. Lucy is EXTREMELY jealous. You can't pet Beans without her whining about it. She's actually so jealous that once I was laying on one couch with her, and the Hubs was laying by himself on another couch and Beans went to lay in his favorite "spot" on his crotch... and Lucy got up, kicked him off, and came and layed back down with me. She didn't want to lay with Hubs, but she didn't want Beans to lay with him either. Yikes.

Even though the pets do fight.. here are a few pictures of them getting along...
The first meeting!

"I want to eat you."

She loves her brother!



The newest photo - so cute!

So yeah. Those are my furbabies.