Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things are coming along nicely!

Big things going on today! It was our first day trying solids! We went with avocado... I used 2 1/2 tsp of breast milk and took 2 tsp of avocado and put it in a cup and mixed and mashed it until it was smooth... added in maybe 1/8th of lime juice to (hopefully) preserve it while it's frozen for the next 3 meals.... put 3 tsp meals into the ice cube tray and went to town on the last! She wasn't sure at first but chowed down! Her face at first was like wtf IS THIS?!! Then she was like oh... oh okay! I believe the spoon was what weirded her out because once it was in her mouth she was a-okay. She also swallowed almost the whole spoonful - no pushing it out with her tongue here! All-in-all... it was great!

Then she rolled from back to belly for the first time during naked time! Whoa whoa... what a day!