Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm back!

Well was that a hiatus or what??


I started my new job! LOVE. It's totally awesome. I have an OFFICE. I share it with another woman who started at the school this year as well. Our office is huge and has some desks in it so we can teach in it as well. It's Sp.Ed. 7th & 8th grade. I go into the classrooms for the kids on my team and help them out in class, and I will have some pull-out as well. I started a week ago and I absolutely love it. I had the New Teacher Academy a week before that and then testing training a week before that. So i've been at work for 3 weeks now! It's Labor Day weekend though - a 4 DAY WEEKEND! Almost unheard of in all of it's wonderous glory. Bliss. I REALLY can't wait to get paid though! Basically first check since school got out in June! Gosh do we need the money!

I got a new car! Yay! And it's like $25 cheaper a month! 2012 Chevy Cruz. It's red - I call it the Red Devil. It's so sweet... automatic everything, Onstar, Sirius radio, the works. I'm in l<3ve!

Fur babies are great! Love my animals.


We're having a baby! Ta-da!! We found out recently and I told my new job last week. I was nervous how that would go down because this is my first year at the job and I will have to take maternity leave - but thing should work out great! I will be on leave (hopefully) from the birth through til summer.. Then I will start again teaching in September... Very excited!

I can't decide if I want a girl or boy... not like I have much of a choice! I know The Hubs wants a boy but I think either will be cool! I went for my first appt. on friday and saw the baby and heard the heartbeat! I snuck one in because I feel HUGE for 9 weeks and though it might be twins. U/S only showed one baby but I still think there's another one in there.... Maybe hiding behind the first one!

Very mild symptoms - makes me a little nervous... No morning sickness... Cravings? Oh yeah. Mostly healthy stuff! Cabbage and cooked veggies... I craved soup and made some of that... nothing very strong though! I am exhausted though. Completely. Every day I either nap or go to bed at 9 p.m... even when The Hubs had the night off! Just so exhausted. And i'm hungry allll the time. I'll get full and hungry like 1-2 hours later. Like HUNGRY. Like... FEED ME (said in a scary deep voice). It's quite funny. And most of the time i'm just too tired to make something! We've bought a ton of snacks... Unfortunately when I get really hungry and my stomach is empty it is the only time I will feel sick... Just a little nauseous. Then I eat and i'm fine. I pretty much think for a few min what I really feel like eating and choose that. I can't really plan meals like I used to... One night I cooked for The Hubs and by the time I was done and sat down to eat I was totally turned off by it... kinda weird.

Anyways - we went to a BBQ today with Eric's work buddies & wives and it's oh so obvious that i'm preggo so that was a fun celebration! Then I came home and texted all our friends & fam and then put the message out on fb. I know it's a little early to tell everyone and yes i'm nervous but i'm quite positive. The heartbeat was very strong - 172 bpm @ 8 weeks 5 days! Awesome. I am 9 weeks today... Here's love wishes for our little one!